Inverter 12v to 240v 150watts 

Inverter 12v to 240v 150watts - click for a larger picture


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Regulated Inverter 12v dc to 240v ac - 150w

To Power 220v - 240v ac Equipment

from a 12v dc Car or Boat Battery

A complete range of regulated inverters to power 220V-24OVac equipment via a car or boat battery~ Due to their high performance (>90%) the inverters generate very little heat. The high stability of the output frequency (± 1%) makes them equally suitable to power sensitive devices.

These inverters generate a modified sine wave, which although not perfect, is considerably superior to the square waves which are produced by most other inverters. Due to this superior feature they are capable of powering electrical equipment such as TV’s, videos, electrical equipment, lamps, pumps, battery chargers, etc.

The inverters give an audible warning signal when the battery voltage is lower than I 0.5v (21v for the 24V versions).The inverter automatically shuts off when the battery voltage drops below I0v (20v for the 24v versions). Fuse protected input circuitry.

12 Volt - 240 Volt
Continuous power: - 150w
Peak power - 450w
Output voltage - 230 Vac (± 10%)
Wave form - modified sine
DC input voltage: - 10 - 15 v
Batt. Alarm at: - 10.5 v (~0.5V)
Auto shut down at: - I0.Ov
AC Frequency: - 50 Hz (± 1%)
Efficiency: - 90%
Cooling fan: - No
Dimensions: - 162x104x58mm
Weight: - 0.7kg
Because this unit has a soft start facility the output voltage will be reached after a few seconds to avoid higher inrush of currents on inductive loads. Because of this the inverter will easily start even with loads like TV and other units using transformers


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